Friday, May 11, 2018

animals dying

This week we have been learning to use the correct structure for Explain writing. My goal was to
spell all my words correctly, I think I did this well. I found it hard to explain why rubbish affects our
environment but got some help from my writing buddy. Here is my writing. I hope you like it.

How Rubbish Affects our Environment

How many wildlife died from eating rubbish ? About 100,000 wildlife die each year from rubbish
like turtles, birds and  whales. The reason the animals are dying is because they like to eat it ,They get confused with their food and rubbish. Our world is turning to a mess with rubbish our earth is dying.

Every animal population gets lower and lower because of our rubbish
That we throw out about 100,000 animals die each year from plastics and other rubbish . Animals
can get confused with rubbish and their prey. Just like a turtle can get confused with a plastic bag
and a Jellyfish.

We need to put our rubbish in the bin firstly because  the animal population is getting lower and secondly because all of our fish will die and also our birds because the adults feed  it to their babies and their babies die.That is why we need to stop littering an put our rubbish in the bin.

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