Friday, February 9, 2018

How many people signed the treaty. 118 w 2When and where was the treaty signed. When was the treaty signed. 6 February 1840 waitangi 3 Who were the main people involved in creating the treaty? What were their roles jobs. 4 Who created a part of the treaty.willaim hobson 5 How many Maori Chiefs signed the treaty? Who was the first. Europeans 6 What are the 3 articles of the Treaty about (English version)


  1. I love your choice of background picture for your Treaty of Waitangi work. This picture reminds me of being in Waitangi on Waitangi day and watching the waka coming into shore and heading out. Maybe next time ensure you have finished your work before publishing to ensure it makes sense :)

  2. hi Bayley here just like to say i like how when you said 118 people signed the treaty you put 118 last