Tuesday, November 8, 2016

bar graphs

today we are learning about bar graphs and we have to ask the peoples favorite star wars  person  that you have to use-the data


  1. Kia Ora Ryker, my name is Kyra in Mamaku 1 from Grey Main School. I liked your post about bar graphs because I love Star Wars and bar graphs! Maybe next time you could try including why you chose this topic in your blog post. This reminds me of when I did bar graphs, we used fruit bursts and mackintosh's. Do you like Star Wars? Miharo (Amazing) Work!

  2. Hi Ryker I am Zach from Yaldhurst Model School. I really like how you added how got the most and some how got the least. In the future could you add how much the votes got in number because i don't now how much r2d2 got.

    Zach Yaldhurst

  3. hey my name is Farhan and i am from Owairaka school. I really liked your star wars rebel and my Favorited cricketer
    is Kerensky and I think that you should put on some more popular cricketer so thats me blog you later

  4. Kia ora Its Morgan here from grey main. Wow from that graph I learnt a lot of stuff like Luke sky walker and R2-D2 are the favourite. I can't believe none of your class picked Darth Vader over Yoda. He's my favourite character. Who's your favourite character? Have you tried a pie chart? e noho ra (bye)

  5. Hi Ryker
    WOW thats a cool graph I wonder why no people like Yoda? my favorite is chewbacca hes funny. maybe next time you could try to see more people so you can see if the unliked are liked.

    Aloha Matthew

  6. Hi i Noah and i go to st pats i like your graph i lernt alot about r2 d2.